Naruto 665 Chapter – Nagato

Clearly he can summon the gedo statue and defeat and capture bijuu better than anyone else.naruto 665 If he was to use black zetsu to force Nagato into reviving him it would be sooo much more effective than the current turn of events that ultimately has landed him in the same position, Just took a lot longer and almost didn’t work.

naruto manga 665

naruto manga 665

Involved and activating are two different things entirely. Madara’s revival didn’t complete until the next chapter, his revival began after Rinne Tensei began, what he qualified as at that point is probably debatable, not an Edo entirely, kind of alive, who knows. Madara’s claim became true because of Zetsu’s intervention, not because he was capable of breaking out at any moment. I never claimed he gave up, I claimed he was caught, but he was aware that Zetsu could help out and free him. There was no reason for him to allow himself to be restrained. Even if you come up with the specious argument that he did so to avoid Obito’s attention, why didn’t he break out as soon as Obito was defeated, why did his release come only after the Rinne Tensei? Tricking Madara with a clone seems more like luck to me… Your whole argument is based around the idea that all Hashirama had to do to win was wrap Madara up with one of his techniques, since according to your belief, Madara would simply accept defeat and such. Sarutobi is quite questionable, even after his recent showing. And it has pretty much been shown that the majority of people would be useless against Madara. What are you talking about? We already went over Madara fighting an entire group with just his Sharingan, and Madara had his prefect Susanoo even back then. One swing from that did as much damage as a Bijuu Blast and basically made the Gokages piss themselves.

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